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Don't Miss It ~ Delilah Devlin Stops by ONCE IN A BLUE MOON

I recently had the pleasure of joining the fabulous New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Delilah Devlin, on her blog and discussed some "sweet and yummy" stuff. Today, I'm featuring Delilah and her "yummy stuff" here.

Her newest release, ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, Book 1 in the Beaux Rêve Coven series, is now available at Samhain Publishing and many online bookstores. A smokin' excerpt follows (for 18+ only!), along with some links where you can do some further exploring. I'm also including a link to her blog that illustrates the cool "Anatomy of a Book Cover" from the book's cover artist.

Enjoy the heat! After all, it only happens ONCE IN A BLUE MOON.  ;)

Once in a Blue Moon
Now Available!
Samhain Publishing
Series: Beaux Rêve Coven, Book 1
eISBN: 978-1-61921-769-0
Format: Ebook
On Sale: NOW


When testing an enemy for weaknesses, prepare for things to get hard.
Bryn Cavanaugh and her coven like that the community they live in is isolated thanks to a storm that destroyed the bridge between them and the outside world. Now the state wants the bridge rebuilt. When the construction crew checks into the inn, Bryn begins to suspect something about the crew’s boss isn’t quite…human.
Bridges are Ethan Thorne’s thing—after all, he’s a troll—so building a simple span over a remote canal in backwater Louisiana shouldn’t be this much of a problem. When he follows the pretty little innkeeper to a midnight rendezvous, he discovers why his crew keeps running in to trouble. Bryn and her coven are casting spells in the moonlight.
As a troll, Ethan feels the sting of his low place in demon hierarchy. But finding an unprotected coven of witches in the middle of the bayou could lead to all sorts of adventure. And it’s better to keep your enemies close…

Warning: Contains a handsome troll (Hey, it can happen!) who’s skilled at building sexual tension with his hands—and several other body parts, as well—and a witch who’s determined to protect her home, but forgets to shield her heart.

Spicy excerpt:

Note for Readers: You must be of legal age in your country of origin to read this excerpt.

Bryn Cavanaugh stirred the contents of a large black pot, breathing in the rich aromas scenting the air.
“With your blessings, come weal and bounty,
With our efforts, come fortunes plenty.”
The spell was short and to the point. She doubted the Powers That Be felt slighted. The Beaux Rêve women worked damn hard and never took their blessings for granted.
She dipped a spoon into the broth and tasted it, closing her eyes as she sampled the spicy mix. “Delicious.”
She turned off the flame beneath the large pot of shrimp gumbo she’d begun the night before. For now, it could steep in its fragrant roux. When she returned, she’d light the burner again to let it simmer slowly until it was ready for tonight when her sisters gathered for the evening meal. Satisfied, Bryn left her large, airy kitchen and headed toward the front door of the inn.
Cooking the large stew had been time-consuming. A task that had taken her mind off the trouble that was brewing. Today, the sisters faced enemies, and she was determined to remain calm, study their adversaries and determine their weaknesses while smothering the interlopers with kindness. Her totem was the rabbit, a symbol of abundance and comfort, and her element was the Earth. She would need to channel both to remain steadfast and calm.
She paused to rifle through the stones in the bowl beside the door. Some were polished and some raw crystals. She found her two favorites-a polished amethyst carved into a worry stone with a soft indentation for her finger to rub against when she grew agitated and a piece of raw witch’s amber. One for cleansing her spirit of stress and the other for deflecting negativity. These she’d also need this morning.
She put both in the pocket of her long flowing skirt and stepped off the porch, barefoot today, because she wanted nothing between herself and the Earth. Freshly cut grass tickled her insoles. She smiled, her first in days since news had arrived that outsiders were descending on them.
“Mornin’, Bryn.”
Looking to her right, she caught sight of Father Guidry watering his small garden beside his tiny clapboard church. She gave him a wave, her silver and beaded bracelets jangling on her arms, but didn’t stop to discuss his plantings. No doubt he’d say this year’s success was due to prayer. Oh, and he’d be right.
She didn’t have the heart to tell him she’d snuck into his garden every night for weeks to pray to the Goddess for her favor. The elderly priest was a kind man, and he tolerated the sisters of the Beaux Rêve coven while continuing to hold out hope they’d see the error of their strange ways.
Tolerance was a blessing, and something the folks of Bonne Nuit, Louisiana, gave in abundance. Sure, they’d been suspicious of the women when they’d first arrived in their tiny hamlet. But the prosperity the women had brought-the jobs and self-sufficiency-had earned them, if not acceptance then at least a place in this isolated community. However, the isolation, something the coven considered their greatest blessing, was now threatened. 

Progress had arrived.
She stayed in the grass beside the sidewalk, skirting Main Street and walking toward the river where her sisters were gathered. But as she neared the canal, she found they’d been joined by gawkers. Nearly all of Bonne Nuit was there.
Radha and Darcy stood glaring at the gathering on the opposite bank while Aoife and Miren stared at the clouds above them.
“You’re blind,” Miren said. “It’s a scimitar. A reminder we aren’t without weapons for this battle.”
Aoife shook her head, a frown bisecting her pale brows. “It’s the Reaper’s scythe. We’re doomed.”
Bryn rolled her eyes. She didn’t need to read portents in clouds. All she had to do was look straight across the divide at the big machinery and the crew of strangers there to operate the earthmovers, crane and dump trucks to know they were in real trouble.
“I take it the injunction was lifted?” she asked the group.
Radha nodded. “Last night. I’m sure they paid a judge to do it in the dark of night. Demons do their best work in the dark.”
Bryn took her gloomy response with a grain of salt. The witches were ever vigilant of demons, but the more likely culprit was simply the state’s schedule for recovery from the last hurricane. The bridge that had connected Bonne Nuit to the rest of the world had been swept away three years ago. Something the town had taken in stride since it was a cyclical occurrence. This part of Jefferson Parish was prone to flooding. And Gus Hearn, a local with a Duck Dynasty beard and an old ferry boat, provided transport across the water when needed.
Gus’s boat was already docked on the opposite bank, and he was loading two vehicles, a green construction-company pickup and a delivery truck bringing supplies to Darcy’s crafters’ cottage.
“We can’t take this lying down,” Darcy said, shaking back her long red hair. “Tonight’s a blue moon.”
Bryn stiffened. “The last time we asked for intervention didn’t turn out so well. Remember, we asked for rain for our summer planting? We got a deluge that nearly wiped out the entire crop. Perhaps we should let things be. They’ll build their bridge, and the Goddess will send another storm.”
Darcy’s frown was fierce. “But strangers will walk amongst us. What if we’re found?”
“So far we’ve been lucky. Blessed,” she said, her tone even and filled with conviction. “But we knew this day would come. We’re stronger now. If demons find us, we’ll simply show them we’ve grown a backbone, and that we don’t need their counsel or their manly protection.”
Darcy shrugged, but her green eyes still flashed with fire. “I don’t think we’ll bring bad luck if we ask for intervention and cast a banishing spell. I vote we meet tonight.”
The others glanced around their circle and slowly raised their hands. Four to one.
Bryn sighed. They had no leader, no high priestess, so majority ruled-a policy they’d adopted the moment they’d fled upper Michigan.
Tonight, they’d meet under the blue moon.
And while she’d scoffed at Miren’s and Aoife’s attempts at aeromancy, she felt a little guilty withholding her own confusing portent that had invaded her dreams the night before. The cloud above them wasn’t shaped like a scimitar or a scythe. If her dream was right, it was a penis. The dream filtered through her mind again…
Moonlight gleamed through curtains. Large, callused hands stroked over her back and buttocks as the man in her bed waited while she sank slowly on his cock.
She’d felt the pressure inside her, smelled his earthy musk. But while moonlight illuminated his brawny frame, his face had remained in shadow.
She’d interpreted the sex as meaning that her privacy was about to be invaded. That she’d be tempted to set aside her vow to remain celibate and autonomous while she constructed a self-sufficient life.
But the intimacy of the dream could also mean she’d been alone long enough. The company of her sisters couldn’t fulfill her innate need as one connected to the circle of life, to Gaia the mother-the need to bear children. Children would ensure their future as a coven.
Perhaps the fact she’d been unable to see his face meant that any man might serve her need. When they’d fled their previous life, they’d foresworn true love because a witch could only know love once in her lifetime. A human male could provide his seed, but only a demon could hold her heart. The danger of mating with a demon, of becoming enslaved to his desires, was too dangerous to her freedom.
Reaching into her pocket to rub the amethyst, she concentrated on her blessings-on her sisters and this quiet place, on all the bounty they had brought to the community with their works. Her finger warmed the stone, and it began to vibrate, sending warmth up her arm and through her shoulder before spreading down into chest.
Calm again, she squared her shoulders and stared across the water at the ferry bringing the first wave of strangers. Perhaps she’d been too quick to paint their arrival as something black and ominous. She’d wait and see. And tonight, when her small coven drew down the moon, she’d offer a small prayer to the Goddess for a sign.
Ethan Thorne leaned his elbows on the rail as the rickety ferry boat made its way across a canal deep in a sleepy bayou. A place nearly out of time. Unchanged except for the slow drone of the boat’s engine. Trees draped in moss. Murky water. The sounds of insects buzzing and chirping and bird calls were an unending cacophony of sound.
They were headed across the expanse where he would build a bridge to the dock on the far side. A dock that wasn’t a dock. It was simply a road that had sunk into the swamp, the tarmac brittle and broken. The little community on the other side was in sore need of a bridge, so why had they protested for so long?
As the boat drew nearer, he noted a couple dozen people gathered on the sunken road. Most were dark-haired with dark complexions and appeared to be related by the similarities of their features. However, one group of five women standing in a half-circle to the side seemed out of place.
For one thing, their features weren’t large-nosed and their skin was pale. And each of the women was stunningly beautiful. How had a small backwoods place like Bonne Nuit produced so many delicately boned, beautiful women? Two were brunette, one was blonde and one red-haired. The one that drew his eye had hair the color of midnight with a slight bluish sheen.
And they dressed differently from the rest. Not a one wore a tee or tank or well-worn jeans and boots. These women wore long skirts, sandals or bare feet, rows and rows of stones around their wrists and long necklaces with pendants resting between their breasts.
At second glance, their skin wasn’t merely pale, it was luminous.
Realization of what they were hit him with the impact of a blow to his solar plexus. Witches. 

His gaze scanned the far bank. Where were their guardians?
He straightened and purposely dragged his gaze from them. He didn’t need to incite a war with whatever group of demons lurked out of sight.
“You see them?” Renner murmured, coming up beside him and smiling, his expression at odds with the intensity of his unearthly sea-blue gaze. In direct sunlight, his irises reflected the light, glinting like sunlight on a calm blue pond.
“I count five,” Ethan said. “And no sign of Others.”
“Perhaps they haven’t been claimed.”
“How is that even possible?”
“The isolation? The fact they’re banded together?” Renner raised a brow. “How interesting.” 

He pulled a pair of sunglasses from his pocket and slid them on. “No need to announce our presence just yet.”
It being daylight, Ethan had no worries his eyes would give him away. “Guess that means I’m staying in the town.”
“Until we find out what’s happening here, yes. Brother, we may have struck the mother lode.” He flashed a grin and turned toward the bank.
Ethan crossed his arms over his chest, instinctively barring his heart to suppress the urge to pounce the moment the ramp dropped to the tarmac. Witches explained a lot. The string of bad luck that had plagued the company the moment the contract for the construction project had been awarded, although seized engines and workers’ accidents were behind them now. 

Witches also explained how this project had been placed so far down the list that the state’s budget had nearly excluded this last bridge.
Which might confirm his suspicion these witches were truly alone. If they’d been mated, there’d be no need to continue their isolation. Bound, they were protected. For a troll, a lesser demon on anyone’s hierarchy, the thought of five witches, the most exalted feminine prizes in the demon kingdom, the opportunity was too ripe with possibility to ignore.
He’d worked hard to gain respect, suppressing his true nature to ascend. Now, he ran his own crew and owned a piece of Vindlér Construction. The irony that he built bridges rather than lived beneath one wasn’t lost on him, and when Others made snide remarks, he let their jibes go rather than pound them with his stony fists. He’d learned self-control. Had educated himself. And now, the last mountain he had to climb might be within his reach-a witch of his own to increase his power and his influence. Although the stunner with the black hair appealed most, he didn’t really care which he ensnared. Any one of them would suit his ambitions.
“They won’t fuck like sirens,” Renner said softly.
He wrinkled his nose in disgust at the thought of bedding another siren whore. “Sirens squeal.”
Renner laughed. “Maybe for you. They sing like angels for me.”
Ethan grunted. Once the ramp was secured, the ferryboat captain gave them a wave. He and Renner strode to the pickup and climbed in. He drove off the ramp and through the small throng, like the parting of the Red Sea. But he wasn’t going far. They had to wait for the men who’d be staying in Bonne Nuit to make their way across. He parked on a small makeshift gravel lot, likely where cars waited for the ferry, and switched off the engine.
“Maybe you should leave the talking to me,” Renner said with one brow raised.
“All I’m looking for is a place for my crew to stay.” Not a hookup. Not yet. No finesse required.
He climbed down and approached the nearest local, a young man with a scruffy almost-beard. “Does anyone rent out rooms? I need beds for a dozen men.”
The young man’s gaze darted to the women.
Ethan’s followed. The black-haired witch gave a slow nod to the young man.
“You’ll have to ask, Bryn,” he said, scratching his beard. “She runs the Beaux Rêve Inn. 

Though I don’t think she has that many rooms to rent. Might also try ole Winnie,” he said, pointing to a large gray-haired woman. “She keeps a passel of grandkids in the summer. But she’s got rooms now. For a price.”
Renner stepped out in the direction of the witches, but Ethan elbowed his side. “Go make arrangements with Winnie for the crew.”
Renner flashed a smile. “Make sure your witch has a bed for me.”
“Thought you weren’t staying. You have a jobsite in Thibodaux to visit.”
“Thibodaux’s just over an hour away.”
Ethan narrowed his gaze. “As the crow flies.”
“I’ll commute. Get me a room.”
As his friend walked away, Ethan drew a deep breath to steady his heart. His sudden surliness toward Renner was generated by the intensity of his reaction toward the witches. There were five. He could share. He drew another calming breath. Didn’t help his hands were beginning to sweat. He wiped them on the sides of his pants. Then, catching the dark-haired witch’s eye, he strode straight for her, holding out a hand. “I’m Ethan Thorne, ma’am.”
“It’s nice to meet you, Ethan.”
Her voice was deeper was than he’d expected, with a slightly hoarse inflection. Sexy as hell. Also, her hand was warm; heat pressed his palm and traveled up his arm. His gaze locked with the woman’s. Her eyes were a dark gray-blue and fringed by thick, curling black lashes. She wasn’t wearing a speck of makeup, not even lipstick, but her skin was like porcelain, her lips a deep cherry red. Since he’d spotted her, he experienced his first doubts. She was too delicate for someone like him. Too refined.
Heat swept through him again, and he couldn’t believe it. She thought he was human and was luring him in with her witch’s heat. An invitation he wasn’t about to refuse.
ince she already thought he was human, he’d play the part. “Ma’am, anyone ever tell you have the prettiest eyes?”
There was humor in those pretty storm-cloud eyes-not shared. She was secretly laughing at him.
Two could play this game. He cleared his throat and let go of her hand, and then he tucked his thumbs into the front pockets of his cargo pants, his fingers framing his sex.
Something a quick, darting glance didn’t miss. Rosy color seeped into her cheeks.
“I understand you have rooms to rent.”
The redhead beside her grinned and jostled her shoulder, but the dark-haired beauty never looked her way. “I do. Are you interested in staying with me?”
At her choice of words, he smiled. “I’ll need a couple of rooms. One for me and one for my partner, Renner. We’ll be here for a few weeks. I can pay in advance, if you like.”
“That won’t be necessary.” She glanced back at the other women who stood watching them so closely he wondered if they had the ability to communicate without speaking. He’d heard some witches could do that.
One shrugged. Another gave her a pointed look and a frown. Another a wide grin.
He held his breath as he waited for the dark-haired woman’s answer, his dick getting harder by the minute, arousal she hadn’t drawn with her witchy heat. His erection had stirred simply because of the hint of flowers in her scent, her direct stare and plump red mouth.
If she was unencumbered, she’d be his. And soon. It was a damn shame he couldn’t use the power of that night’s blue moon to stake his claim. Didn’t matter though. Trolls had their own brand of magic and a penchant for capturing unsuspecting prey. Somehow, he’d have to keep her from discovering what he was long enough to seduce her.
“If you’ll follow me,” she said, indicating with a finger toward the street.
“Why not ride with me?” he asked, tilting his head toward his truck.
She drew a deep breath and then laughed. The tinkling sound made his belly tight. Holy fuck, her every gesture and sound made him hard. He curled his fingers against his pants.
Drawing a fortifying breath, he swept a hand toward his truck and then followed her as she strolled toward it, her hips swaying in a natural, easy wag of her ass that had his gaze following it like the sway of a mesmerer’s pendulum.
The job in this backwater bayou suddenly seemed more exotic. More portentous. Not that trolls trusted omens. As he helped her up into the cab, he couldn’t resist skimming his hand over a slender arm. Static crackled.
Her eyes blinked and a frown produced a tiny line between her dark brows. He ignored it, hoping she hadn’t noticed or that she put it down to some cause other than the fact trolls gave off a natural charge. She’d get used to it. Hell, she’d crave it. He’d make sure of it.

Copyright 2014 Delilah Devlin

Amazon Kindle
Samhain Publishing
Barnes and Noble

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FREE Contemporary Erotic Romance by Lynn LaFleur

How can you not go for free? I'm mean really, it's just a click away.  ;)

In addition to Lynn LaFleur's blistering-hot "Anything Goes" erotic romance series having been recently discounted, the first in the series just went FREE. She does strong heroines you'll absolutely love and yummy tortured heroes. (Well, she doesn't "do" them, she writes and creates them.) The romance and sex scenes are hot enough to leave you sweltering, and the small-town friendships and close-knit communities are heartwarming, so much so, you'll be ready to pack up and move there.

Here's a blurb to the freebie, ANYTHING GOES, along with a peek at the series covers and some links for your ease of navigation. Go forth and download!

After fifteen years in an unhappy marriage, Catania Wylde is now free to live her life the way she wants. She believes the best way to start her new life is to celebrate her fortieth birthday at the sex club, Anything Goes.

Brother to Cat’s best friend Lisa, Alex Cline spends his days developing applications for smartphones. His nights are spent at his sex club, Anything Goes. He had no idea the club would be so successful when he started it three years ago. Celebrities, politicians, and royalty all come to his club outside of Dallas for a taste of the forbidden.

When Alex finds out the woman he’s lusted after for years wants to visit his club, he decides to make Cat’s visit the most sensual, most fulfilling evening of her life…an evening that he plans to be the start of many nights in his arms.
An erotic romance containing male/female and male/female/male scenes.

Book 1 - FREE!

Book 1 (Free):
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Enjoy the entire "Anything Goes" series on your Kindle!
Book 1 - Anything Goes
Book 2 - Panties Optional
Book 3 - Delicious Burn

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Greeting Cards Made With Love by Erotic Romance Author Lynn LaFleur

Fabulous erotic romance author, Lynn LaFleur, is such a creative gal. She's started crafting her own line of homemade greeting cards. Visit her Covenette Cards store and take a look at her gorgeous greetings. Lynn joins us today with more information on her new venture.
Take it away, Lynn!


My first book was published in 2001, but I’ve been writing for most of my life. There’s nothing I enjoy more than creating stories about people who fall in love. There can’t be a better job than that! 

Any occasion card for friend
Available at Covenette Cards!
Sometimes a writer needs to take a break from her characters and do something else. I discovered scrapbooking nine years ago, shortly after my husband passed away. It’s creative the way writing is, but I think it uses a different part of my brain. When I would have trouble with my book, I’d turn to my scrapbooking. After working with pictures and layouts for a while, the answer to my trouble would pop into my head.

Some of the ladies I scrapbooked with were making cards to send to Operation Write Home for the soldiers overseas. I watched how much they enjoyed making the cards, but it took me a year to make my first one due to book deadlines.
Missing you card with colorful mailboxes
Available at Covenette Cards!
That first card hooked me! I love making cards even more than scrapbooking, so much that I started a store on Etsy to sell some of them. I hope you’ll drop by and peek at some of my creations. I add new cards every week!
Click here to browse all the lovely homemade greeting cards available at

And check out my website for more information on my Lynn LaFleur books.
More Covenette Card examples:
Thinking of you card with cartoon catsSweet baby card for boy or girlAny occasion card, great for female friendThinking of you card with cartoon dogSet of 4 all occasion cardsHello card with colorful bottlesHappy birthday card with colorful flowered stems.Happy birthday card with cute cartoon cat on cupcakeAutumn card with scarecrow and blessings sentimentHello card with colorful edging



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50% Off These Ellora's Cave F/F Books--This Week Only!

Ellora's Cave is cranking out the book sales lately, and another one of my lesbian erotic romances is included in celebration of LGBT Pride Month 2014. Lipstick Leslee (sequel to Kaydee & the Tramp) is now discounted at half off at the following etailers. Click the links to read more and purchase at your favorite online store.

Ellora's Cave

You will also find Paisley Smith's fabulous lesbian erotic romance title, Beauty and the Butch, on sale this week:

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Enjoy the girl-on-girl fantasies!   

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Meanwhile, Over At Delilah Devlin's Place...

Remember all that old-fashioned candy from childhood? Pez, candy necklaces, Rock Candy, Pixy Stix, buttons on tape, Chicklets, candy cigarettes (omigosh, would this ever not go over nowadays!).

And how can you forget retro toys? There was Slinky, Blutterfly Yo-Yo, Chinese Finger Traps, Pick-Up Sticks, and those cool metal lunchboxes painted with the latest fads (I had a Scooby Doo one) and equipped with a matching thermos.

Well, the talented New York Times and USA Today bestselling erotic romance author, Delilah Devlin, is indulging my sweet-tooth walk down memory lane by hosting me on her blog. Head over and join the nostalgic fun. Uh, I've been known to hand out random prizes to chat participants... ;)

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Nakedness for #PrideMonth!

eXcitation Book 2 Now Available!
It's #LGBT Pride Month, so I'm over at All Romance eBooks Cafe talking naked. Well, not--eh, you'll see. :) I hope you'll head over and join me for some up-close-and-personal chatting. There will be a yummy prize to a random commenter, too, so don't miss it.

Happy reading!

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HALF PRICE Lesbian Romance Ebook Sale for LGBT Pride Month

To start, let me preface this first post in ages by explaining that this blog was accidentally deleted some time ago (by me *blush*), which is partly why there has been no entries. Miracle of unexplained miracles, it reappeared one day (thank you, Blogger...I think), and now I'm working on redesigning the page and fixing some broken items that didn't survive whatever this techno disaster consisted of. Anyway, I hope you'll re-bookmark this blog and begin to visit once again.

50% OFF!
Now, on to the sale... My publisher, Ellora's Cave, is celebrating Pride Month by slashing the prices on many lesbian titles throughout the month. Under their new Hot Pink special collection of female/female stories, they will begin releasing seven new books in June. In addition, existing Spectrum F/F books will also go on sale throughout June, each at 50% off for one week. Today, the price of KAYDEE & THE TRAMP was slashed at all of the following webstores:

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Additionally, BEYOND CURIOUS, a fantastic lesbian romance by Paisley Smith, is also on sale at 50% off.

This sale goes through June 8 for both books, but before you forget to snatch them up, navigate over to one of your favorite e-tailers and pick up both books NOW. That's two blisterin'-hot erotic lesbian romance books for the price of one!

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Wow, What Wonderful News

Authors work hard spinning tales and fantasies for readers, so there's nothing more humbling in this solitary profession than reviews and ratings validating all the time and creative effort put into a story. Such is the case with this review for my F/F Ellora's Cave release, Kaydee and the Tramp. Much thanks to Sheila at Two Lips Reviews for taking the time to read and review KATT. With comments like this, "WOW!!! This is one of the hottest female/female erotic romances written," and this, "I am begging for more hot reading from Ms. Ladley!" it can bring a gal to happy tears. Including this here gal. :D
Coming Feb 27th

On February 27th (that's just 10 days away!), the sequel to KATT releases. Melanie, the secondary character in KATT, gets to take a tempting ride on her F/F journey in Lipstick Leslee. Through intense emotion, self-discovery, panty-melting romps and a love that comes out of nowhere, Melanie is brought to tears, too, just like that gal who created her. Moi. ;)

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Release Date!

I now have a release date for LIPSTICK LESLEE--February 27th. So mark your calendars for this scorching lesbian sequel to KAYDEE & THE TRAMP.

Remember, Ellora's Cave has an "Email Alert" button at the upper right of each book page to receive notifications about the author's releases. So if you're lazy like me (*grin*), head over there, tick the box, add your email addy then just click the Subscribe button.

Coming February 27!

Melanie and Leslee step outside their comfort zones and explore every naughty shade of gay—butch to lipstick lesbian and every sexy shade in between.

Read an excerpt at the Ellora's Cave website by surfing over to the Lipstick Leslee book information page, clicking on the magnifying glass in the graphic's upper right corner and then clicking on Excerpt.


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New Cover Reveal: Lipstick Leslee

LIPSTICK LESLEE - Coming soon!
KAYDEE and the TRAMP - Now available!

Ellora's Cave just contracted my second lesbian erotic romance, Lipstick Leslee! It's the sequel to Kaydee and the Tramp, but just as hawt and naughty. Whether you're a lesbian, or if you're straight and just curious about girl-on-girl action, or if you like to devour steamy love stories between two consenting, fiery women just for the fun of it, Kaydee and the Tramp and Lipstick Leslee are your ladies.

Melanie, a secondary character in Kaydee and the Tramp, returns in Lipstick Leslee with her love story--and wow, is it ever a love verging on girlie addictions.

A release date for Lipstick Leslee is yet TBA. Watch here on this blog for my latest news. Or you can keep up with me on Twitter, Facebook, or bookmark my website.

***Fantastic cover art work by none other than Syneca, Ellora's Cave's queen of creativity. :) Thank you, Syneca!!!

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New NOR Review for Wilder's Bandit

Night Owl Reviews has just released a respectable 4-star review of my recent Ellora's Cave release, WILDER'S BANDIT.

Here's a snippet of what LeeErin of NOR had to say about WB:
""Wilder's Bandit" is a wonderful short story with plenty of steamy scenes, enduring characters, and just enough excitement to keep me reading. Ladley was able to write an impressive love story in less than one hundred pages. Rachel and Dierck are truly meant for each other. They are likable, and I enjoyed reading their love story. Ladley has created a menacing villain and a creative setting. The ending...has a great and unexpected twist. "Wilder's Bandit" is a quick read but a good one"LeeErin ~ Night Owl Reviews
Thank you, LeeErin, for taking the time to read and review Wilder's Bandit. I'm thrilled and humbled that you enjoyed this sexy historical erotic romance!

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Meet My Christmas Present, Ricco...

After my sweet baby, Sophie, disappeared, and after months of mourning and missing her, I finally got to the point where I could take another sweet creature into my heart and home. So meet Ricco...

He's a bit overwhelmed after having to leave his mommy and sisters behind (I tried to finagle them out of the owner, too, but she wouldn't--understandably--give the cuddly furballs up). However, he's adjusting well. His hobbies include playing on the cat climber, napping, exploring inside the kitchen cabinets, napping, getting into any and all mischief, napping, and finally, draping himself across my neck while we snooze the night away. You get the idea--he sleeps a lot.

I'll let ya know if I ever talk that owner into allowing Ricco to reunite with one of his precious sisters. Keep your fingers crossed. :o)

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Merry Christmas!

Here's wishing all those who celebrate the season a very Merry Christmas. (Happy Birthday, Jesus!) Happy Holidays to everyone, whatever your choice of celebration. Stay warm, safe and cozy. Cheers to you and yours!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lipstick Leslee News

Just received word from my awesome Ellora's Cave editor, Grace Bradley, that she's accepted my latest submission, Lipstick Leslee (working title)! For those of you who enjoyed my lesbian erotic romance, Kaydee and the Tramp, you'll finally get to enjoy the journey of its secondary character, Melanie. I don't have a release date yet, but I'll announce it all over the universe once I do. Or you can just join my newsletter, follow me on Twitter or on my Facebook profile or Facebook author page to keep up-to-date. Weeeeeee! So excited! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Win a Lenova ThinkPad!

One of my publishers, Ellora's Cave, recently launched a new website with extra features such as a site search engine to find that certain book you've been digging for, the ability to sign up for author-specific or general-release subscriptions and notifications, and many other user-friendly bells and whistles. There are a few bugs still being worked out, so have patience but enjoy as you go! See below for more details on each feature and for information on how to enter the CONTEST.

Win a Lenova ThinkPad!
Yes, it's a powerful Android 3.1 touchscreen tablet computer with 10-inch screen, wi-fi, Bluetooth, dual-core processor, camera/webcam and more, just in time for the holidays! Visit the site and enter the new Ellora's Cave contest for a chance to win this awesome Lenovo ThinkPad. To enter the contest, go to the website's contest page, scroll down, and follow the instructions including completing an entertaining scavenger hunt to gain more Romantica® knowledge. Entry deadline is January 31, 2013, so hurry!

Tips on Easy Site Navigation (per Raelene Gorlinsky, Ellora's Cave's Publisher)
So, some tips on using the new webstore:

~ The ankh in the upper left is the "Home" button.

~ The excerpts are all there - click on the View Inside magnifying glass at the upper right corner of a book cover image. Then click on Excerpt in the left column.

~ We have an incredible search functionality! You can search on anything. Words in blurbs; stories by multiple themes (we'd gotten many requests for that in past). Please click on "Search tips" under the Search box in upper right and read all about it. It will help you find the books you want.
= Use the Authors button on the second menu line to search by author. You get more specific results that way, rather than putting the author's name in the Search box.
= Yes, there are still a few bugs with the "Sort by" when you are on an Author or Series page. The programmers are working on it. Alphabetical (which is very popular) does work. Sorting by date is inconsistent. Sorting by Sequence on a Series page should be working soon.

~ If you go to the book page of a book that is in a sequenced series, it tells you the number! Yay, people have long asked for that.

~ Our site sells ebooks in ePub, prc (for Kindle) and pdf formats. We no longer directly sell html format. There were not many customers for that. However, it is still available for all our books via the AllRomance eBooks site.

~ Bookshelves are being migrated from the old site; should be done within the next week, I hope. (Remember, go to Bookshelf, not Order History, to see ebooks purchased from the old site.)

~ There are several subscription services available. You can sign up to be automatically notified when an author releases a new book, or when a new book comes out in a series. You can also subscribe to automatically have that book purchased and the download link sent to them!
Other features:
Customers Also Bought…
This feature shows customers other books purchased by people who bought each book.
Recently Viewed…
Browse all you want and make your selection without having to try to remember which books you looked at. They are all right there at the bottom of your screen and easily accessible with a simple click!

Okay, that'll do it for now. Don't forget about the contest!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hot Holiday Stories

If you're looking for some steamy romances to heat up your holidays and bring you some Christmas cheer, Ellora's Cave has a boatload of them. There are many choices in genres, lengths and authors including N.J. Walters, Jaid Black, Diana Hunter, Joey W. Hill, Ruby Storm, Lynn LaFleur and Ruth D. Kerce, to name a few. Woops, and one of mine is up there, too. Naughty & Spice is full of just that, spicy naughtiness, and it received an eCataromance Reviewers' Choice Award Nomination. So grab some sugar cookies, sip on some eggnog and go cyber shopping. C'mon, you know you wanna. :) Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Crazy Weather

10 inches!
Up here in northern Wisconsin we've been having some crazy weather. Last week, while hubby froze snow-blowing our looong driveway, I took this pic of a near 10 inches of pile-up on my deck. And speaking of pile-ups, Minneapolis had around 600 crashes the day of this storm. We have more coming tonight and tomorrow, too. It's supposed to be a messy sleet/snow mix. But that's okay, I love this time of year with the holidays and the hustle and bustle all around me. Once mid-January gets here, however, I'll be moaning, groaning and complaining, and wishing for spring. Happy Holidays, everyone. Stay safe, warm and cozy!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Interviewed by Lynn LaFleur

Fabulous erotic romance author Lynn LaFleur offers a newsletter to readers with lots of fun stuff--recipes, landscape pictures, quotes, hot excerpts, prizes and interviews. She interviewed me in her December issue. It can be viewed here. She does a beautiful job of formatting and decorating her newsletter, so go take a look. Thanks for including me this month, Lynn!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Release and Newsletter with Contests

My last wip (i.e. baby) is no longer a wip--it just came out at Ellora's Cave. It's a *hawt* historical male/female erotic romance. Click the link to read more.

I just put out the newest issue of my newsletter, too. This one features fantastic erotic romance author, Lynn LaFleur with a steamy excerpt from her latest, Perfect Pleasure. Contests are in every issue, so if you haven't joined yet, go check 'er out HERE. (Adults only, please.)